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The host was superb put guests at ease and had a calming personality and fully explained the nights events ". I had a great time and met some cool people ". I really enjoyed it and would go again! I would change 5 minutes to 10 but you have more experience! Please convey my personal thanks to Denise and Ellie the event hosts.

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The host was lovely, I've never been to a speed dating event so it was a fun introduction". I felt the majority of men there were genuine and respectful. I had fun and would do it again". The host was brilliant. I went alone and was made to feel very welcome". Everyone was friendly and there was a great atmosphere". I did not know what to expect at first, but it turned out to be a fun evening". The current format works, I wouldn't change anything. I would recommend it to everyone to try it at least once.

Wasn't as intimidating as I thought it would be! This service is totally free, we won't share your details with anyone else and you can unsubscribe at any time. Register your interest. The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is a stylish, dynamic city offering a vibrant nightlife, plenty of culture and fabulous date destinations such as Glasgow Cathedral and the Glasgow Botanic Gardens.

At MySpeedDate, we know that sometimes the world of dating can be daunting, and our excellent singles nights aim to provide a relaxed and enjoyable way to find someone to enjoy this great city with. Events are arranged by age, and you are in complete control of who will be able to contact you at the end of the night. Speed dating is a great opportunity for you to meet a variety of people and find the perfect person for you. The format of our speed dating events consists of participators having up to 20 mini dates in one evening.

These dates are arranged in a variety of age groups and following on from the night you will have an opportunity to swap contact details with anyone you hit it off with, you are in complete control of who receives your personal details.

Gay speed dating scotland

Speed dating is the up and coming trend and perhaps one of the best and increasingly popular ways to meet new people. Our well organised events give you a fantastic opportunity to meet people that you get on with in a setting that is quieter than a club and classier than a pub. You never know, you might meet someone really special. No one to go with? Never fear, around a third of our female participants arrive alone, and approximately two thirds of our male participants arrive alone.

The whole point of the event is to meet people; so feel free to come alone and make some new friends! We know that the background and location of a first date is important and we want you to remember your night fondly.

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The format goes something like this: The dating works on a scorecard system, and works online after the event. This ensures that you are complete control of who you would like to chat with after the event. Get in touch today and do something different. Login Register. Speed Dating Comments "It was a nice experience. Hosts were very welcoming. I enjoyed the night! Would recommend to others" David - Nottingham - Oct " I was very nervous as it was my first time attending any form of speed dating, and was immediately made to feel comfortable.

Host was very welcoming and friendly. Very organised and well set up! Nice relaxed and some great people. Nice friendly environment and great " Jason - Birmingham - June " Been my first-time I really enjoy my experience and I will see you guys soon thanks.. Really enjoyed it" Michael - Nottingham - Feb "Found it to be a fun night, the organiser was very friendly and fun..

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Great hosting. For that reason I would not mind going again on my own " Annette - Birmingham - December "Thanks for the chance to meet those nice girls! Met lots of friendly people " Luke - Birmingham - November "Very relaxed and welcoming. Thanks for organising xx " Tapan - Cardiff - October "Really nice evening guys!

Made it comfortable for everyone. Thank you x " Hayley - Birmingham , August " Great host, great night. Thanks" Myles - Nottingham -July " Great night very diverse I had a great night meeting new people. More than exceeded expectations. Thank you for a great night: I have recommended you to friends and would definitely come again" Phillip - Bristol, 9th Feb "At first I was nervous as it being my first experience but as the evening went on,I enjoyed everything. D " Mike - Manchester, 13th Jan "Great night, nice people. Everything ran smoothly" Ben - Bristol, 12th Jan "Jo host was lovely, very friendly and helped explain the set-up to me as I'm a first-timer" Lucy - Bristol, 12th Jan "It was very good, would have liked to stay in the night club area but had a good time in the bar area" Peter - London, 9th Jan "I felt it was a good event and I enjoyed the evening" Jessica - London, 9th Jan "It was my first experience of speed dating and I was made to feel welcome and at ease straight away.

I would recommend this company to my friends" Sharon - Birmingham, 2nd Dec "It was my first speed dating event. The host was very good and informative so i felt relaxed throughout the event and thoroughly enjoyed it" Samantha - Birmingham, 2nd Dec "Great night, great people, will recommend" Gavin - Birmingham, 26th Nov "Had a really fun night" Lizzie - Birmingham, 26th Nov "Enjoyable" Richard - London, 21st Nov "Well-organised and numbers well-managed" Anne - London, 21st Nov "It was fun, and the 4 and a half minutes went really fast.

Our hosts were excellent also!

Thank you" Ellie - Birmingham, 30th Oct "The host was not very good, she was excellent: Thank you" Vicky - Nottingham, 8th Oct "The event was very well planned and even though I came on my own I was put at ease and made to feel relaxed and welcome. Thank you, Rob" Rob - Birmingham, 24th Sep "Most enjoyable first time experience, will go again" Anne - Birmingham, 24th Sep "Good fun event, host was excellent and made people feel at ease" Shane - Bristol, 23rd Sep "It was an absolutely fantastic evening so happy to be a part of that amazing experience!

This was my first speed dating event and met some interesting characters" Elaine - London, 19th Sep "The event itself was fun" Grace - Birmingham, 10th Sep "It was a fun and chilled out night" Saras - Birmingham, 10th Sep "Happy with everything" Sylwia - Nottingham, 10th Sep "I was very pleased with the event.

Initially I was slightly nervous, but everything was explained with detail and was very well organised and specific, which gave me more confidence" Richard - Nottingham, 10th Sep "Very Happy" Samantha - Manchester, 9th Sep "Very Happy, the bar was also really good" David - Manchester, 9th Sep "Very satisfied" Gareth - Cardiff, 9th Sep "It was a very good experience" Anabel - Cardiff, 9th Sep "Very happy" Nina - Leeds, 9th Sep "I felt quiet anxious to start with but within minutes I knew we were all in the same boat.

The evening went smoothly and the venue was brilliant" Rosie - Birmingham, 3rd Sep "Well organised" Liz - Birmingham, 3rd Sep "Very happy" Joanne - Bristol, 2nd Sep "Really pleased with how the evening went - such a great atmosphere - I can't believe how quickly the time flew by! It went very straight forward and although I'm very shy I didn't panic and it was a nice experience that I'd easily repeat" Oscar - Birmingham, 18th Aug "Very happy. Good fun" Kate - Birmingham, 13th Aug "Very good.

Just everything about it was spot on" Mario - Birmingham, 13th Aug "Enjoyed it very much, was a little indecisive as whether to go through with it or not up to the last minute but glad i did" Joanna - Nottingham, 13th Aug "I enjoyed myself" Bryher - Cardiff, 12th Aug "Very good. Met some lovely people all there for similar reasons" Jon - Cardiff, 12th Aug "Very happy and comfortable for the first time Speed Dating" Mark - Leeds, 12th Aug "It was another fab night.

I have told several of my friends about you " Natasha - Leeds, 12th Aug "Extremely happy, great atmosphere and event" Samantha - London, 8th Aug "Very pleased, nice friendly and helpful host and team as well as down to earth people" Stephen - London, 8th Aug "It was run well and organised" Helen - Birmingham, 6th Aug "Happy because the venue was just right and everyone there was great to talk to" Tarik - Birmingham, 6th Aug "Very happy, thank you for a lovely night: Enjoyed the people and the conversations" Nathan - Bristol, 5th Aug "An excellent night" David - Birmingham, 30th July "It was my first event and had a really good time.

It was managed well and Laura was very thorough " Sarah - Birmingham, 30th July "Very happy" Scott- Birmingham, 23rd July "I found the event extremely friendly and had an enjoyable evening. Friendly people and staff! Well organised, relaxed atmosphere" Martin - Birmingham, 17th June "Good event. The host was superb put guests at ease and had a calming personality and fully explained the nights events " Nick - Birmingham, 11th June "very happy " Mark - Manchester, 11th June "It was not what I expected at all.

I had a great time and met some cool people " Leanne - Manchester, 11th June "Nice evening, met interesting people and had a good time " Alan - Nottingham, 11th June "I felt it was organised well and explained fully. A fun evening" Grace - Birmingham, 28th May "It was a good event with equal numbers and had an enjoyable night" David - Birmingham, 28th May "It was my first event like this and I am going to another one 10 June The host was lovely, I've never been to a speed dating event so it was a fun introduction" Issy - Bristol, 13th May "Had an entertaining night" Glen - Bristol, 13th May "Well organised and good fun.

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Host was excellent" Laura - Cardiff, 13th May "Surprised how quickly things went, always a good sign" Matthew - Cardiff, 13th May "Very happy with the event, fun night" Nina - Leeds, 13th May "Very good. It was a lovely atmosphere for a first timer" Marcus - Leeds, 13th May "Well organised and really good fun" John - Birmingham, 7th May "I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the event.

I had fun and would do it again" Susie - Birmingham, 7th May "Very happy, enjoyable night! The new host made sure we all knew what to do and where to go" Jackie - Birmingham, 23rd Apr "In these internet dating times, it was so refreshing to meet real people and have a chat" Daniel - Birmingham, 22nd Apr "Very happy, was fun, pleasant, relaxed and much easier than I expected it to be" Robby - Birmingham, 16th Apr "It was better than expected" Sasha - Birmingham, 16th Apr "Very happy, well organised" Georgina - Bristol, 15th Apr "Comfortable atmosphere with no pressure.

A good range of different people" Spencer - Bristol, 15th Apr "I was very happy with the event, very well organised" Joe - Birmingham, 9th Apr "I would attend another event because it was refreshing to meet such a variety of people: Quite fun, really!

I went alone and was made to feel very welcome" Natasha - Leeds, 8th Apr "A well organised event with full attendance" Richard - Birmingham, 2nd Apr "Nice evening and great opportunity to chat to people I wouldn't normally rub shoulders with" Penny - Birmingham, 2nd Apr "Good fun, nice venue and good ratio of attendees" Elaine - Bristol, 31st Mar "Top brass! Host was friendly and welcolming" Simron - Birmingham, 26th Mar "Fantastic night! Everyone was friendly and there was a great atmosphere" Sian - Birmingham, 5th Mar "Not nearly as scary as I expected it to be, great night" Ceri - Bristol, 3rd Mar "It was an excellent evening which was very well presented in a relaxed environment" Ian - Bristol, 3rd Mar "I thought it was a great way to meet new people in the area" Jade - Birmingham, 26th Feb "Fantastic event, really good bar, had a great night" Matthew - Birmingham, 26th Feb "Well organised and the hosts were very friendly" Charlotte - Bristol, 18th Feb "First timer, had a good laugh and people were really friendly" Raymond - Bristol, 18th Feb "I did enjoy the evening" Michelle - Birmingham, 12th Feb "Splendid!

I did not know what to expect at first, but it turned out to be a fun evening" Anna - Manchester, 12th Feb "Great evening and Jonathan the host was very good! I would definitely attend another event. We look forward to seeing you later this month! The Village Drinks Team Playing cupid.

Read more Read less. Tags Things to do in London Networking Community. Date and Time Mon, 23 April Map and Directions View Map. Event Ended. Speed dating for gay professionals. View Details. Events you might like: Fri, 15 Mar Community Party. Share this event. Fri, 19 Apr Sat, 23 Feb Mon, 25 Feb Community Attraction. Fri, 22 Feb Tue, 19 Feb Community Seminar.

gay speed dating scotland Gay speed dating scotland
gay speed dating scotland Gay speed dating scotland
gay speed dating scotland Gay speed dating scotland
gay speed dating scotland Gay speed dating scotland
gay speed dating scotland Gay speed dating scotland
gay speed dating scotland Gay speed dating scotland

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