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Cold water is also not suggested because it may cause your sphincters to tighten.

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Also under this point, it is advised to not use soap. The reason being is that most soaps contain harsh, chemical agents that burn the lining of your butthole and cause irritation. It has zero chemical additives, no artificial coloring and no fragrances. All you need is one drop — no more.

How to Be a Better Bottom

Afterwards, screw the nozzle onto the bulb tightly. Before insertion, it is very important to make sure the nose of the enema is properly lubricated.

I personally use a silicone based lube made by Gun Oil check Amazon for great price. I like this lube because it is not sticky and lightweight. I can only speak for myself but I have found that it helps to also put a few drops of lube on my finger and gently coat the outer areas of my anus. All I can say is that it makes for better insertion. If you really want to help move things along, it might not hurt to pick up a lube launcher.

What I like about this device is that it helps to coat the inside of your rectum with lubricant so that when you insert the nozzle, things go smoothly. There are a number of ways to go about insertion. Probably the most effective approach is to do it while on all fours. This allows gravity to do most of the work for you.


Some men prefer the side method approach. Here, you simply lay on your side and insert enema inside of your butt. The drawback, however, is potential leakage. The longer you can hold it the better. First, avoid anything that causes you to strain. I recommend you simply sit on the toilette and do some light reading as your rectum empties itself. The water from the initial enema may take some time to pass through. It is completely normal to experience gas and bloating as you sit on the commode. If you need to stand up for a moment and then sit back down, do so. Remember, you are pushing a combination of h20, air and poop through your anus.

Move to the next step. I recommend douching at least twice prior to any bottoming activities. There should be no brownish colored water coming out if you do it right. It often takes two and sometimes three cleansings to make sure your anal canal is free of any poop. Just being honest. That allows plenty of time for me to prepare and avoid surprises. Instead, using a pre-moistened wipe that is specifically designed for guys.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

My personal favorite is Dude Wipes , which you can buy directly for Amazon. If you have time, make sure you read the following post on how to wipe your butt for men. Hope in the shower and rinse off. Should you choose, there are professional shower enemas on the market that are high quality. One of the best ones you can buy is from the folks at Clear Stream see Amazon for pricing.

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It includes four different tips, which allows for optimal cleaning. This particular type of douche is often used by guys who consider themselves serious power bottoms. There are drawbacks to this approach. Second, the cleanup process takes time because there are more parts to clean. If you irritate the lining of your mucosal membranes in your colon, white blood cells the kind of immune cells that HIV preferentially infects congregate in the area to help repair your body. So if you are exposed to HIV there i. The amount of water than an enema bulb can hold is sufficient.

Putting yourself in the right position can make it easier to insert the nozzle.

Stand in front of the toilet and put your dominate leg up on the toilet. After loosening up your butt with a lube finger like a good top, slowly insert the lubed douche nozzle. Squeeze the bulb to slowly squirt in the liquid. Pull out the nozzle. Even if you douche with the right water, the right temperature, and the right equipment, you can damage the lining in your butt that can put you at higher risk for getting an infection from your partner.

There is no magic number of times that makes douching unsafe. But if you can, limit yourself to once a day and only days per week. Allow some time for all the water you squirted inside yourself to come back out and stay close to a toilet while you wait. Use this time to clean up your place, take your PrEP or your HIV meds, or get your lube and condoms if they are part of your sexual health plan.

Other bulking agents like fiber supplements are OK to take. If you have loose stools or diarrhea, fiber supplements can help. It happens! I never used to need to douche for anal sex.

Gay Guys: You're Douching Wrong

Somehow, I always seemed to be pretty clean up there. Put a tablespoon-full in a glass and stir in about a cup of cool water. It tastes like sawdust in water, be prepared. Stir it and drink it quickly, as it starts to absorb the water right away. Follow with another glass of water. If you want the exact same formula, you could add some chia seeds and ground flax seeds, which are both also great sources of fiber.

This works for most guys too, although douching bulbs and enemas will not clean your ass as deeply and thoroughly as hoses and shower attachments can. I use a hose — a shower attachment with a short, smooth nozzle — with slightly warm water and low pressure high pressure is not recommended — ouch.

A Doctor's Guide to Preparing for Bottoming: Enjoying Anal Sex and Staying Safe

These different cleaning methods have different benefits and different risks which I will go into in the following slides. You should never rush the cleaning process, especially if you are a beginner. Cleaning out is more than putting water up your butt. Good cleaning is also about relaxing your ass muscles and getting comfortable with the feeling of being penetrated before you start play. The brand Colt makes great douches and cleaning devices, and their products can be found at most sex stores, and they are not too expensive.

A good douching bulb will have a large rubber bulb and a smooth plastic nozzle.

17 Tips for Happier, Healthier Bottoming

If you use one in the shower, lube up the nozzle with silicone lube, which will not wash off in water. Gently and slowly stick the nozzle up your butt and gently, slowly squeeze the bulb. When the bulb is mostly empty of water, gently and slowly I will repeat those two words often because all cleaning requires you to go gentle and slow pull the nozzle out. Hold the water in your ass for a few seconds, then relax and release it into the toilet. Chances are good that you will need to do this more than once. I know some guys who are good to go after one squirt.

Since I prefer rigorous sex, I will usually douche three times at least. I cannot stress this enough: Do not rush it.

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