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Prostitution In OKC. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Dec Posts Where are the stings targeting homosexuals? Are the police afraid of the backlash from the gay community? There a numerous instances of homosexual men picking up male prostitutes, taking them home and ultimately getting robbed. Originally Posted by jstaylor Why are the prostitution stings always targeting heterosexual clients? Join Date Feb Posts 6, Prostitution In OKC Speaking of victims of robbery stemming from a homosexual prostitution encounter.

Had an officer tell me a story this is the best I can remember the details about a case he worked where a 'straight' man was beaten and robbed by a male prostitute at the Habana. The victim gave a good description and even a partial name. The officer went to the Habana and located the suspect. The suspect then admitted he had hidden part of the man's money in his rectum and it was stuck. The officer had to have the man transported to the hospital and wait for the money to be 'released.

He too was shocked the victim came forward. Happens with straight prostitution though too. Many of the girls on Robinson rob their Johns. The dumbest thing a John can do is wear his wedding ring while picking up a hooker.

The hookers know that after they rob him he will not dare tell police or his wife it was a hooker. Instead it will be the stereotypical "Three black dudes jumped me while I was at the car wash. The one on the left is concealing a brick under her clothes used to rob Johns. She's a convicted felon so she can't be caught with a gun or knife.

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Plus if the police pull up she can just casually drop the brick and the cop will take no notice of it. The other hooker is currently in a Texas prison for armed robbery.

When she gets out she faces a felony here that could result in her having to register as a sex offender. Join Date Apr Posts 39, I know this started because of activity in your neighborhood correct? Also, why were you at the Ersland trial and why did you get involved in the Lonnie Latham case? I hope my questions don't sound judgmental I'm just honestly curious and I bet others are as well.

And forgive me if you've explained this before, as I may have missed it. Originally Posted by Pete Brzycki. Brian, since I haven't lived in Oklahoma for a while, I've only recently made the connection to your 'video vigilante' activities.

I honestly didn't mean it that way. I have several obsessions myself, including this site and OKC in general which should be obvious from my involvement here. I'm also obsessed with triathlon, animals and a few other areas.

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And I make at least part of my living from obsessions, so I get that, too. I really appreciate the detailed reply. I certainly can understand how an interest can progress in this way, especially if you can make a good living at it on your own terms. If I was able to do that with this site, for example, I would consider moving back and making it happen. And my primary purpose would be to marry something that is already a passion with profit while also providing a valuable community service.

Sound familiar?? And I totally agree with youth being encouraged to follow their passion and find a way to make it into a career. The problem with schools is that most teachers even at the college level only know school -- they are products of a self-perpetuating and completely insular industry. Young people only know what they see, which is why most spout the most obvious professions teacher, professional athlete, cop, fireman, lawyer, doctor, nurse when asked what they "want to do". But of course I was a product of business school both undergrad and masters and even then a poor job was done in this regard.

It takes most of us decades of working before figuring out what we really want to do and how to make a living at it.

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Join Date Nov Posts Prostitution In OKC i saw the king of the hill episode the other night where a new employee at strickland propane turned out to be a prostitute and her pimp was "alabaster jones" - the "main mack" of oklahoma city, and was voiced by snoop dogg. As described online: Join Date Jun Posts 7, I am obliged to follow it," he said.

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Prosecutors sought at least a short prison term to deter operators of other escort services from similar misconduct, while his lawyers argued he deserves probation. In letters to the court, lawmakers, civil rights organizations and other supporters cautioned that a tough sentence could send the wrong message to the gay community. The case is troubling "because it harkens back to a dark chapter in our nation's history when the government used its vast resources to target and threaten LGBT adults by exposing their private consensual sexual activity," wrote state Sen.

Brad Hoylman, a Manhattan Democrat.

Ex-CEO of male escort service website gets 6 months prison

Five New York City council members from the LGBT community also signed a letter arguing that "a harsh sentence will serve neither society nor the rehabilitation of Mr. The business hosted parties and an annual awards show for escorts called the Hookies. Prosecutors had alleged that Rentboy was the equivalent of an online brothel, and what the site called escorts was actually prostitutes.

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Homeland Security's involvement in the takedown, along with an absence of any allegations that Rentboy was a menace to society beyond simple prostitution — like engaging in human trafficking or exploiting minors — stirred anger and fear in the gay community. Activists questioned why the agency would single out Rentboy when other escort websites, gay or straight, continue to do business.

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