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Why, then, does the queer community support companies that only pull out their rainbow flavored logos, Pride floats and ad placements in the local gay magazines as a PR stunt for Pride Month? The question above will ruffle the feathers on the boas that many companies wear annually during the month of June. LGBTQ people exist days of the year. Basically, these actors will do what they must for the money. Our families are hidden, and our youth are pitched to the streets by shameful parents who see leading companies of the world doing the same to us year-round.

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LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are all rainbows, the international symbol for the queer community, in June. Recently on Instagram, Dominique Jackson , the trans model and actress currently appearing on the hit FX show Pose , calls out a big brand for using her. She was asked by this popular, multi-billion-dollar brand to promote and take part in an event during June and was offered no compensation. Again, has corporate America adopted a gay-for-pay model?

This may seem harsh, and deservedly so, but there are champions of my queer community. If he is having sex with someone of the same gender—whether for money or any other reason—that does not necessarily mean he is gay. You and I and your friends cannot know how he perceives his sexuality.

This is a personal choice for you to make, based on your own values. If I were to advise you in one way or another, my recommendation would be based on my values rather than yours.

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What I can tell you is that you have only three choices: Only you can decide what is in your best interest and the interest of your children, if you have any. For most of those in the sex work industry, sex is a job that they do for pay, and many of the men in the same-sex porn industry are straight men, not gay. Their primary motivation is pay, not pleasure.

Any sexual acts between two people should be based upon mutual consent. Finally, I am very uncomfortable with secrets in a relationship. Have you confronted your husband about what his and your friends are saying about him?

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Good relationships are built upon honesty and trust, and your relationship seems to lack both. If you cannot tell him what your friends have told you, you are being more loyal to your friends than you are to him. If you keep this secret from him, you are denying him the option of making changes that you seem to want him to make.

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It seems like perhaps the biggest issue here is that rather than talking to each other, both you and your husband are talking to others about your concerns. Your email address will not be published. Published January 2, Here are a few additional resources that may be helpful to you:

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